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Tuesday, March 8, 2011 - 7:11am

Hidden Obama Care funding already appropriated.

Hidden Obama Care funding already appropriated.

REP. MICHELE BACHMANN: ...There was a Congressional Research Service report that just was issued in February, and we discovered that secretly, unbeknownst to members of Congress, over $105 billion was hidden in the Obamacare legislation to fund the implementation of Obamacare. This is something that wasn't known. This money was broken up, hidden in various parts of the bills. And we have worked very hard to discover $61 billion in cuts that we could put forward, get to the president. So, in effect, David, we've taken one step forward and two steps back because we've found now that $105 billion had already been implemented.

Accordiing to this report which she stated on Meet the Press we cannot defund this as it has already been funded. What do you think we should do? Have you called your Representative and Senator about this? We need to stop this but what steps should we take now? What do you think?


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