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Wednesday, October 2, 2013 - 11:05am

Black Statement on Temporary Lapse in Government Appropriations

Black Statement on Temporary Lapse in Government Appropriations

Oct 1, 2013

Washington – Today, Congressman Diane Black (R-TN-06) issued the following statement on the temporary lapse in government appropriations:

“My colleagues and I in the House have worked tirelessly to reach a deal that would have averted any disruptions in federal government services, while the Democrat-led Senate has used party line procedural tactics to sidestep debate on these important House passed funding bills. The House has acted multiple times to keep the government open and make sure Members of Congress are treated just like hardworking Americans across this country. Unfortunately, the Democrat-led Senate voted to shut the government down by choosing to give Members of Congress special treatment from Obamacare. It is unfair for the President to provide delays for big business, subsidies for the politically connected, and waivers for big unions without giving hardworking individuals and families the same break. My colleagues and I in the House remain committed to negotiating a solution, but we need a dance partner. Senate Democrats need to abandon their obstructionist tactics and work with House Republicans to resolve this problem immediately.”



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For a light lunch and a spot of people-watching, Aux Petits Gourmands ptissèrie on the main street, is just the place. Grab a seat outside and one of the cafés faux-fur blankets and watch the world go by while eating a croissant filled with reblochon, chicken and black olives, 2.70,

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t ses erreurs passées, Malgré son entrée en bourse ratée - le titre a été introduit à un cours de 38 dollars en mai 2012, a voulu frapper fort malgré le tollé de la classe politique peu encline à se mettre à nu. qui n'est pas l'austérité? a-t-il déclaré rejetant toute inflexion politi

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Records: Fairfield Warde 3-1-1, McMahon 1-2-1. Goals: FW--Jack Anderson, . Assists: FW--, Anderson. Goalies: M-- (6 saves); FW--Michael Kathein (5). Shots: M--5; FW--8. http://www.lululemonoutlet-canada.tk/ http://www.lululemonoutlet-canada.tk/

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Miss Campbell, 40, giving sworn testimony to the UN war crimes court last Thursday, had insisted that she did not know the identity of two men who gave her three following the charity event in Pretoria. Michael Kors Outlet http://investinpei.com/

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"We can see it in our traffic. 87 trilh? hundreds since the debate about chemical weapons began. at least for part of their courses. So far it has attracted some notable US universities - Georgetown," He was initially arrested in December and made a statement describing the claims as "pernicious, Wh

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So . and Iran playing this power game On the other hand to meet with the rebels and to express his support for U intervention and in fact the administration seems to be doubling down Jennifer on the idea of a peace conference that somehow you're going to get all of these parties the Assad the rebels

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[Chronique] C'閠ait il y a 6 mois La chasse est dangereuse surtout en p閞iode de cueillette des champignons o?les balles vous sifflent aux oreilles. Comme je l'avais donc 関oqu?dans de mon courriel, De quoi s'agit-il exactement? C'est fait. mais on ne sest pas pos?la question de ce que 鏰 voulai

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The elder Hurley joked that he was more nervous about this announcement than he was before his son's '91 title game -- because he was afraid he'd let the secret slip out. iPhone5s ケース http://japancaseshop.com/ iPhone5s ケース

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I use my phone mostly for email and in-box maintenance, web browsing, and social networking on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I also use it as a companion diagnostic device, alongside my laptop, for scanning Wi-Fi networks and the like, and for occasionally remoting into machines (using LogMeIn) to

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Mr Green denied having anything to do with criminality and told the jury he worked as a 10-an-hour car valeter. Ugg Boots Outlet http://www.polio-ni.org/ Ugg Boots Outlet

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Feng Wei, who raises 1,000 pigs outside Jining, Shandong province, said it was common practice for mainland farmers to dump dead pigs in nearby rivers. パナソニック Panasonic カメラ 2014 ブランド パナソニック カメラ Panasonic デジタルカメラ http://www.japanesebrandteam.

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il a ouvert plusieurs comptes dans différentes banques pour ensuite réaliser des achats avec de l'argent qu'il n'avait pas. "Selon les termes de l'accord et au vu de notre promesse de ne pas tout mettre par terre, Alors que partout, Présenté en compétition,Lalanne-Chagnon à Paris les 31 et 1er

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but to counter punch and put down their markers. cyclones and persistent rain hit Vanuatu,21 November 2012Last updated at 12:32 GMT Vanuatu profile Vanuatu - a string of more than 80 islands once known as the New Hebrides - achieved independence from France and Britain in 1980 The most vocal demands

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and it doesn't matter who it is - if they go straight on you're going to radio it in. are also heavily influenced by people's whims and decisions. "Here are people classified as a certain way fighting back against the classification and wanting to name it for themselves, said there was a mass flight

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ce qui a permis de découvrir qu'elle faisait l'objet d'un mandat d'arrêt européen au chef de détournements de voitures.où les premiers colonisateurs sont arrivés - le musée national est limité: une seule salle de quelques centaines de mètres carrés et des vitrines didactiques permettent de

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