Randy Boyd

Randy Boyd


Randy was born and raised in South Knoxville and has deep roots in West Tennessee.

As a proud Republican, principled conservative and successful businessman, Randy always takes a passionate, results-oriented approach to improving the lives of Tennesseans.

In 2013, Randy answered the call to serve his state, taking a year-long leave of absence from his company to serve as Governor Bill Haslam's unpaid adviser on education. The Drive to 55 initiative and the Tennessee Promise program are direct results of Randy's year of service.

The Tennessee Promise program guarantees free community college and a volunteer mentor for every high school graduate in Tennessee - helping more young people become the first in their family to graduate from college.

Applying his conservative business values developed over decades of building his business through good times and bad - Randy disrupted the status quo thinking in higher education, resulting in the Tennessee Promise being funded from the lottery reserves - with no new taxes used for these scholarships. Most important to Tennessee families, the number of college students who apply for student loans has fallen by more than 17 percent in the first two years of the program.

Today, it is Randy's mission to leave our state better than we found it. He is committed to finishing the Drive to 55 initiative, ensuring our workforce is prepared for the jobs of tomorrow. Randy will focus relentlessly on bringing good-paying jobs to every corner of our state, and ensuring all Tennesseans -
whether in rural, suburban or inner-city communities - have the opportunity to succeed.

Randy is running to serve as the 50th governor of the state of Tennessee to give all citizens the opportunity for a better life through access to a great education and the opportunity for a better job.

Contact Information:
Randy Boyd For Governor
P.O. Box 121312
Nashville, TN 37212

Bill Lee

Bill Lee


As a seventh-generation Tennessean, Bill Lee's roots run deep in this state. Bill was born in Franklin where he still resides today with his wife Maria on his family's farm. He's the proud father of four adult children (Jessica, twin sons Jacob and Caleb, and Sarah Kate) and two grandchildren.

After attending Williamson County Schools, Bill went to Auburn University, where he studied Mechanical Engineering. When he graduated, he returned home to Franklin to join the family business his grandfather started in 1944. Through hard work, Bill learned what it takes to lead a company, doing what is necessary to help build a business and create jobs. He held several roles at Lee Company before becoming President of the company in 1992. Under Bill's leadership, the company grew into a comprehensive facilities solutions and home services company.

Life threw some of the most difficult challenges on Bill when his first wife Carol Ann tragically died in a horseback riding accident in 2000. He learned how short life is, how every minute counts, and that only a few things in life truly matter. He took a step back from Lee Company to raise their children.

In Bill's absence, the company found itself in a very difficult financial position. Determined not to let his grandfather's company fail, he returned and made tough choices to turn around the business. It was one of the most painful seasons his company ever faced but resulted in a repositioning that put the company on a new course for success.

Now, Lee Company employs more than 1,100 individuals with annual revenues of $225 million. The company has won numerous awards for work culture and business accomplishments, and Bill was named a "Most Admired CEO" in 2015 by the Nashville Business Journal. With his family's company thriving, Bill stepped back to serve as Chairman of Lee Company in 2016.

In addition to his responsibilities as Chairman of Lee Company, Bill is also active in Triple L Ranch, a fourth-generation family farm founded by his grandparents and operated by his parents, Wallace and Ann Lee. Triple L Ranch operates a 1,000-acre, 400-head Hereford cattle operation, providing natural beef to farmers markets and farm to table restaurants throughout Middle Tennessee.

With a belief that education can be the gateway to greater opportunities, Bill currently serves as the 7th Congressional District's representative to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. He's also on the Board of Trustees at Belmont University.

Bill has a heart for serving others. Bill is the president of Tennesseans for Economic Growth, past chairman of YMCA of Middle Tennessee, past president of the Associated Builders and Contractors, and has served on the board of several community organizations including Hope Clinic for Women, Men of Valor Prison Ministry, Fellowship of Christian Athletics, Operation Andrew and many others.

Bill is a man of faith and he and Maria are active in Grace Chapel Church and in numerous faith-based ministries, which have taken him all over the world to serve people in need, including to Africa, Central America, Haiti, and Iraq.

Contact Information:

Bob Corker

Bob Corker

US Senate

Bob Corker grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He attended public schools, played sports, and from an early age learned to love and value hard work. He took his first job at age 13 picking up trash and spent his teenage years bagging ice, working at the Western Auto and putting in long hours as a construction laborer.

Bob graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1974 with a degree in Industrial Management, and after working four years as a construction superintendent, he started his own construction company with $8,000. The company grew as it quickly gained a reputation for meeting deadlines on time and under budget and eventually expanded to operations in 18 states. Over time, Bob's business interests evolved to acquiring and developing commercial real estate.

After traveling with his church on a mission trip to Haiti in his late twenties, Bob began to take a closer look at needs in his own community. He led the creation of Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise, a non-profit organization that today has helped over 10,000 families secure decent, fit and affordable housing through low-interest loans and personal training in home maintenance.

In 1994, Bob was appointed Tennessee Commissioner of Finance and Administration, where he served for two years in the highest appointed office in state government. As commissioner, he tightened the state's budget and helped move almost 40,000 Tennesseans off welfare and into jobs.

In 2001, Bob was elected mayor of Chattanooga. He transformed Chattanooga's waterfront - attracting $2.1 billion of investment to revitalize the city, implemented merit bonus pay for teachers which dramatically raised student achievement in some of the city's most challenged schools, and worked with local law enforcement officials to cut violent crime in half.

On November 7, 2006, Bob Corker was elected to serve the people of Tennessee in the United States Senate. He is a member of the Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee, the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, the Foreign Relations Committee and ranking member of the Special Committee on Aging.

Bob and his wife, Elizabeth were married on January 10, 1987 and have two daughters, Julia and Emily. The Corker family lives in Chattanooga.

Contact Information:

Bob Corker for Senate
1015 Stonebridge Park Drive
Franklin, TN 37069
Phone: 615-986-3000

Diane Black

Diane Black

US House of Representatives (6th District)


From her first days in public office leading the fight against a Republican governor's proposed state income tax, Diane Black has proven herself as a fearless leader, unafraid to stand up to members of her own party when they stray from our conservative principles. A small business owner and a nurse for more than 40 years, Diane is leading the fight to balance the federal budget, overhaul our broken tax code, REPEAL Obamacare, and protect our Tennessee values, which is why the American Conservative Union honored her with the prestigious "Defender of Liberty" award for her 100% conservative voting record.

In Congress, Diane Black fought back against President Obama's out-of-control spending by cosponsoring a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and working with Chairman Paul Ryan to author the Path to Prosperity Budget which cuts spending by $4.6 trillion, saves Medicare for future generations, and balances within ten years. Diane Black was the first member of Congress to pass legislation repealing a health care provision in Obamacare which saved taxpayers $13 billion. She is continuing to fight tooth and nail to fully repeal this law.

Building off of her work in the Tennessee state legislature as a leader in the fight to stop illegal immigration, Diane Black wrote and passed through the House of Representatives legislation to defund President Obama's politically motivated lawsuits against states like Arizona that enforce commonsense immigration laws, earning Black an A+ rating during the 112th Congress from the conservative anti-amnesty group Numbers USA.

A tireless advocate for the rights of the unborn, Diane Black's first piece of legislation in the 113th Congress, H.R. 217 would withhold federal funding for Planned Parenthood and other so-called "family planning" organizations that perform abortions. Black is also the author of H.R. 940, the Health Care Conscience Rights Act, legislation to protect the First Amendment rights of health care providers to refuse to perform abortions and offers full exemption from the Obama administration's Health and Human Services (HHS) employee healthcare mandate that requires coverage for abortion inducing drugs.

As a member of the House Ways & Means Committee, Diane Black is a leading voice in the fight to stop the rampant abuses of power within President Obama's Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Most recently, Black introduced H.R. 2022, Stopping Government Abuse of Taxpayer Information Act, legislation that calls for the immediate firing of all IRS agents who targeted Americans based on their beliefs and goes after all government agencies with access to Obamacare's Federal Data Services Hub, the largest compilation of personal information the U.S. government has ever attempted, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Black and her husband of over 30 years, Dr. David Black have three grown children and six grandchildren. They live in Gallatin and attend Community Church in Hendersonville.

Contact Information:
P O Box 1437, Gallatin TN


Ed Butler

Ed Butler

State House of Representatives : District 41

Who is Ed Butler:

I am a self-employed small businessman who understands the value of hard work, fair dealings, and family. I am a US Navy veteran who believes America is the greatest country in the World and that we should never be ashamed of American exceptionalism! I am a Christian, husband and the daddy of four wonderful children. I know how to create jobs and have been a small business owner for over fifteen years. I believe that as a small business owner, husband, and father I can truly represent the values of District 41.


As the oldest of three boys, Ed was raised by Christian parents who, in June of 2016, will have been married fifty years. He was taught Christian values and the value of hard work. At an early age, he and his brothers were assigned daily chores, which they were expected to do without reminders and without complaining.

During school breaks, Ed often accompanied his Father when he went to work. He might only pick up trash some days... but every day he was expected to help in some way.

Both of his parents began their careers teaching school. His mother Pat retired after 36 years of teaching. His father Ed is also retired as a successful, small business owner. His brother Rhett is a successful small business owner: and his youngest brother, James, works in a manufacturing plant. Stephanie, Ed's wife is also a small business owner in addition to being a full-time mom.

Ed is a private pilot and an active member of Life Church. He has participated in numerous mission trips to build churches in Alaska, Costa Rica, and Uruguay.

Contact Information:
P.O. Box 215
Rickman, TN 38580