Core Values of the Overton County Republican Party

Abe Lincoln Ronald Reagan

What we stand for:

  1. Jobs: We believe that the county government's number one priority should be attracting good paying jobs for our citizens!
  2. Prolife: We support the sanctity of life.
  3. 2nd Amendment: We believe the second amendment means that individuals have the right to own and bear arms.
  4. Pro Family: We are pro family and support strong family values.
  5. Taxes: We believe in lower taxes not more government spending. As conservative Republicans we believe that you, the tax payer, can spend your hard earned dollars more wisely than any politician. We oppose any Tennessee state income tax.
  6. School Prayer: We support the freedom of school prayer.
  7. Secure Borders: We support securing our nations borders and protecting our national integrity.
  8. Education: We are committed to improving our education system and the graduation rate of our county's High School students.
  9. Law and Order: Protecting our county citizens is one of our highest priorities. We support using English only on driver's licenses testing. We also support tougher enforcement on fake driver's licenses and drivers not being licensed.
  10. Armed Services: We support the men and women serving in our nations armed services. We believe that our men and women in uniform should have the required support to be successful in any situation.